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A new Browser Click Role Playing Game

Welcome to the world of Ellanore! An Online Role Playing Click game.
Enter the world of Ellanore as a warrior and progress overtime by killing monsters,
trading items, learning skills, exploring new maps, finishing quests, upgrading your equipment
and many other activities!

The beginning.

Ellanore is being flooded by monsters who are trying to take over this beautiful world and making it a darker place. To prevent this from happening we need you! Create your own character and enter Ellanore for free. Edward will explain the game basics once you enter.

The adventure.

Go to the world map and see all the different maps you can enter. Some maps are yet to unlock, achieve this by fighting monsters and levelling up. Every map you enter you’ll see different monsters you can to defeat. Each monster gives you a certain amount of experience, money, items and maybe even monster cards! Experience helps you level up, money will buy you new items on the trade market or helps you upgrade your current equipment. Monsters cards are a unique addition to your game strategy, collect 10 of the same cards and you’ll be able to transfer the cards into a monster pet that will help you fight and gives you additional attack and defends.

The battle system.

Ellanore has a unique battling system incorporated in the game. Fighting a monster takes time, and you are only capable of fighting a limited amount of monsters at a time. After finishing the tutorial teaching you the game basics you’ll have two battling pods you can fill with a fight activity. At the beginning monsters will only take a couple of seconds to battle. The stronger the monsters get, the longer it will take to fight them.

The skill system.

Luckily your character starts learning skills at lvl 20. Skill will help you finish a battle quicker! Decrease the waiting time with seconds or even minutes. Every level you gain after level 20 will give you an additional skill point you can add to a skill of your choice.

Join us.

Start your adventure today! Ellanore is an online browser role playing game that takes you to a different world. Start battling mystical monsters and prove yourself worthy. Collect the best equipment, make friends, trade items and claim daily rewards.
There's a lot to explore in the wonderful world of Ellanore!

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