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Daily Dojo


A daily Dojo has opened in the world of Ellanore! Go check out Mr. Cheng Lee's Dojo and challange his dojo with all your friends. Every day a tournament will be held here for anyone who is brave enough. The tournament consists of different challenging monsters that need to be defeated an X amount of times. Make sure to gather your fellow friends to help out. Anyone can join this tournament, the more friends join the further you'll get! Make sure to sign up for the next upcoming tournament! The dojo helps you gather monster cards more easily and gives a nice exp bonus! Happy times playing Ellanore!

New maps discovered!


New maps have been discovered in Ellanore. Fight your way through a world filled with evil monsters up to level 120. If you're lucky they'll drop gear suited for your level. Also you can finally upgrade your equipment without unequipping them first. Happy times playing Ellanore!

Are you the mining master?


You can now finally train your mining skills! The more you mine the better you get the more stones you'll find. Keep training and you'll even eventually find amethist stones! Start mining and use them to upgrade your equipment. Happy times playing Ellanore :)

Are you the fishing master?


It's time to train your fishing skills! By fishing you now gain fishing experience which helps you catch better fish. Each 10 level milestone improves the quality of the fish you catch. Better fish means more pet experience if you feed it to your pet monster. Good luck fishing and becoming the ultimate fish master of Ellanore!

Server update


Dear Ellanore community, to insure an enjoyable and smooth playing experience we've updated our server to a better, faster and bigger server. Hopefully server issues are problem of the past. Besides that we've made a couple of layout changes to the mobiel interface, and re-wrote the inventory code, and changed the reward page after a fight to a realtime popup. Less page refreshes and a much nicer game experience. Happy times playing Ellanore!

Trial of the Brave


Have you reached level 30 yet? Then it's your time to shine. Test your strength in the trial of the Brave. Go to the World map and check out the new map located at the top of the map. Trial of the Brave is a daily monster run you can challenge. Each round the monsters get stronger and more difficult to defeat. Monsters drop gold coins, the stronger the monster the more coins it drops. Gold coins allow you to buy new equipment such as rings and capes. Equipment that has never been seen before and this is the only way to get your hands on them! So what are you waiting for, start the Trial of the Brave today. And as always, happy times playing Ellanore!

New diamond stores available!


Tired of your old look? Go check out the hair and eyes store to change it up! Change your hair color to match your look and fight monster with style. While you're at it, make sure to get yourself a cute pet to accompany you in your avatar and on the member list! Happy times playing Ellanore!

Take fishing to the next level


Reach level 50 and enjoy the benefits of catching nicer fish! Fishing after level 50 allows you to get different kinds of fish that give extra experience to your pet while providing the same amount of health. This way you can train your pets faster! Happy times playing Ellanore!

New quests added


Dear Ellanore players! It's been a long wait but 4 new quests have been added to the game. Take on these quests and you'll be rewarded greatly in money, experience and items! Happy times playing Ellanore

A new battling system


A brand new skill system has been added to the game! Once you reach lvl 20 your character will learn skills you can use during battle. Skills will help you finish battles quicker, so the waiting game is finally over! Train your skills using skill points. You'll earn skill points by leveling up. Once you've trained a skill you can select it and click on a monster that's in your activity pod. Happy times playing Ellanore!

Daily gifts!


Who doesn't like getting gifts right?! Log in daily to claim your reward, each day of the week gives you a different kind of gift. For the real troopers among us, who manage to claim there reward each day of the week get an extra bonus gift! What are you waiting for, start receiving free stuff!

Train your pet!


It's time to increase the bond with our monsters. Feed them and treat them as your ally. They will give you an incredible boost in attack and defense! Your pet monster will get hungry over time, every time you feed him he'll grow more fond of you. Each level he gains means extra bonus power for you! Enjoy raising your new pet.

Fishing has changed


The fishing activity has changed and a new map has been added for lvl 70-75. Fish will actually have a function in the future, so make sure you get some in advance. Stay tuned to find out what fish can actually mean for you, we'll announce it shortly. Happy times playing Ellanore! :)

The Tower of the Crimson Queen


The first party quest in Ellanore has arrived! Make a group of four and enter the cursed tower. You'll find the tower entrance on the world map. The party quest contains four rooms and a rewards room. Each room contains a difficult challenge for you and your friend. Make sure to communicated with your friends during the quest, this might save you some time. Good luck challenging the Crimson Queen! Two new maps have also been added. Lvl 60-65 and lvl 65-70.

New content added!


New equipment up to level 80 has been added. Plus two new maps with six new monsters for the levels 55 till 60. We're also working hard on a new feature to the game, a party quest "The Tower of the Crimson Queen". The quest will be for level 35+ players. Good luck hunting and happy times playing Ellanore!

Mining back online


We've made a couple of changes to the mining activity and it's back online. Thank you for your patience. We've also added a new map with lvl 50-55 monsters. We wish you happy times playing Ellanore!

Mining temporarily offline


We've been experiencing some server difficulties. Mining is causing a lot of traffic to the server and has temporarily disabled to hopefully keep the server alive while we fix the problem. This might take a couple of days. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Beta live!


Dear followers and friends. We are finally live! If you come across any bugs just let us know by chatting in the world chat. All feedback is welcome! Hope you'll have a wonderful time playing Ellanore. :)

Chat updated!


We've added a chat list next to the actual chatbox for easy navigation and a clear overview what your current active chats are. Happy times exploring Ellanore Online!

This is the year


Dear followers, members, friends and community
This will be the year we've all been waiting for. Ellanore Online is almost beta ready and will be openend for beta on april the 1th. The game will contain all its primary game elements such as equipments, items, a diverse variarty of challenging monsters and different ingame minigames such as fishing, mining, smithing and chemistry. We hope you all have a wonderful time playing this game. We're open for feedback and suggestions at all times. Happy times exploring the magical world of Ellanore!

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